Shaker Hearth Furnaces

The Almor Wild Barfield Shaker Hearth Furnace has established a reputation for the supply of robust installations to meet a wide variety of hardening needs for a diverse range of industries:

Design Features

  • Continuous atmosphere heat treatment of small components
  • Cast alloy serrated hearth sealed to quench tank
  • Single tray furnaces (SF23, SF30, SF45)
  • Twin tray furnaces (SF60, SF90)
  • Gas carbo-nitriding, clean hardening and annealing
  • Electrically heated (all models)
  • Gas heated (Energy saving, low NOx burners) (models SF45 – SF90)
  • Maximum temperatures up to 1000°C
  • Roof mounted high performance fan for optimum atmosphere uniformity (option)
  • Low energy loss insulation
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Reactive or protective gas mixes dependant on process
  • Oil quench tanks up to 200 deg°C
  • Salt quench tanks for austempering
  • Integral loading system, wash and tempering units for complete continuous line
  • Advanced process control systems for optimum control of carbon potential
ModelNo. Of TraysTray Width mmHeated Length mmLength mmOverall Width mmHeight mmRatingOutput


Industry: Munitions

  • Application: Hardening and Tempering bullet tips
  • Maximum temperature: 950°C
  • Equipment: SF23 (230mm wide tray) with Rotary oil quench, wash and tempering
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen and Propane addition


Industry: Medical

  • Application: Hardening medical needles
  • Maximum temperature: 950°C
  • Equipment: SF23 (230mm wide tray) with oil quench tank
  • Atmosphere: Endothermic gas plus controlled additions
  • Process control: Oxygen probe


Industry: Automotive

  • Application: Carbonitriding
  • Heating: Gas fired single ended recuperative radiant tubes
  • Maximum Temperature: 950°C
  • Equipment: SF90G (Twin 450mm wide tray) with rotary oil quench tank
  • Atmosphere: Endothermic gas plus ammonia additions