Tube Furnace

The Almor Wild Barfield Tube Furnace has established a reputation for the supply of robust installations to meet a wide variety of hardening, tempering and annealing needs for continuous or batch production.

Design Features:-

  • Single or multiple tubes for processing strip or wire
  • Hardening and tempering or annealing
  • Nitrogen or Nitrogen / Hydrogen atmosphere
  • Maximum temperatures up to 1300°C for Hardening
  • Maximum temperatures up to 500°C for Tempering
  • Multiple zones for close temperature control
  • Hinged lid to facilitate maintenance
  • Low thermal mass insulation

CASE STUDY 1 – Industry: Steel strip

  • Application: Hardening and Tempering
  • Maximum temperature: 1000°C and 450°C
  • Equipment: 4 tube Hardening Furnace (3 zones)
  • 4 tube Tempering Furnace (4 zones)
  • Charge space: 50 mm wide x 12.5 mm high tube
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen and Hydrogen

CASE STUDY 2 – Industry: Steel strip

  • Application: Hardening
  • Maximum temperature: 1300°C
  • Equipment: Single tube Hardening Furnace (6 zones)
  • Charge space: 200 mm Diameter?
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen and Hydrogen

CASE STUDY 3- Industry: Wire

  • Application: Annealing
  • Maximum temperature: 1100°C
  • Equipment: Eight tube Annealing Furnace (6 zones) with cooling section
  • Charge space: 25 mm Diameter
  • Atmosphere: Hydrogen