Batch Ovens

The Almor Wild Barfield range of industrial horizontal batch ovens are based on the well proven Barlow Whitney design and can be used in a diverse range of industries.

Design Features

  • Standard sizes or Custom designs
  • Horizontal loading
  • Electrically or Gas heated
  • Low Energy loss insulation
  • Maximum temperatures up to 650ºC
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (+/- 6ºC)
  • Instrumentation to AMS2750
  • Standard shelf loading
  • Trolley loading (optional)
  • Standard manual side opening single or twin doors
  • Vertical manual or electric vertical rising door (optional)

Standard Sizes

  • Electric heated
  • Two temperature ranges
  •  350ºC (mild steel inner)
  •  650ºC (stainless steel inner)
  • Pressure relief panel
  • Adjustable fresh air intake and fume vent

Custom Designs

  • Top loading ovens
  • Ex rated ovens
  • Dryers and Ovens for flammable substances (BS EN 1539:2015)

Table of Standard Sizes

Capacity (mm)0.220.430.670.731.211.732.553.375.839.2613.84
Internal Width (mm)600600750900900120012001500180021002400
Internal Height (mm)600120012009001500120018001500180021002400
Internal Length (mm)600600750900900120012001500180021002400
External Width (mm)1350135014501650165019501950240027003003300
External Height (mm)12501850185015502250185024502250255038503150
External Length (mm)950950110012501250155015501850215024502750
Heater Rating (Kw)6991218212427365475
Fan Rating (Kw)0.370.750.750.751.
Nett Weight (Kg)400500650600750120013001350180027003600
Max No of Trays48861081214---
Batch/ Trolley LoadBB/TB/TBB/TB/TB/TB/TTTT
Single/Double DoorSSSSSS/DS/DDDDD