Batch Gas Nitriding

The Almor Batch Gas Nitriding Furnace is based on the well proven Wild Barfield design. Over many years Wild Barfield has established a reputation for the supply of robust installations to meet a wide variety of gas nitriding and nitrocarburising needs for a diverse range of industries:

Design Features

  • Vertical loading
  • Fixed or removable sealed nickel chromium retort
  • Gas nitriding, ferritic and austenitic nitrocarburising
  • Maximum temperatures up to 800ºC
  • Lid mounted fan and baffle for optimum atmosphere uniformity
  • Low thermal mass insulation
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (+/- 6ºC 400 – 800ºC – electric version)
  • Ammonia, Nitrogen / ammonia, Endothermic gas/ ammonia or other gas mixes
  • Advanced process control systems for optimum control of nitriding potential

Standard Designs

  • Electrically heated
  • Charge space – up to 1,575 mm deep – up to 400 mm diameter
modeleffective diameter mmeffective depth mmrating kw (1)approximate overall dimensions mm
NF1632400815302500W 2600L 2600H (2)
NF2430610760402800W 2900L 2700H (2)
NF2438610965482800W 2900L 2850H (2)
NF24466101170572800W 2900L 3050H (2)
NF24546101370662800W 2900L 3250H (2)
NF3638915965662700W 2400L 2150H (2)
NF36549151370902700W 2400L 2550H (2)
NF366291515751302700W 2400L 2800H (2)


Industry: Automotive
Application: Gas nitriding of engine parts

  • Equipment: Eight – Standard NF2454 furnaces and cooling station
  • Atmosphere: Ammonia
  • Process control: %H2 (NH3 dissociation)


Industry: Heavy duty gearing
Application: Gas nitriding of engine parts

  • Equipment: 2500mm diameter x 1000mm high Bell furnace
  • Atmosphere: Ammonia & Nitrogen
  • Process control: %NH3