Continuous Belt Conveyor

The Almor Continuous Belt Annealing Conveyor Furnace is based on the well proven Wild Barfield design for the supply of robust installations to meet a wide variety of needs for a diverse range of industries:

Design Features

  • Continuous atmosphere heat treatment of small to medium sized components
  • Nickel chromium alloy mesh belt
  • Belt width up to 1500mm
  • Clean annealing in controlled atmosphere
  • Electrically heated or Gas heated (energy efficient, low NOx radiant tube burners)
  • Maximum temperatures up to 1100°C
  • Roof mounted high performance fan for optimum atmosphere uniformity (option)
  • Low energy loss insulation
  • Excellent temperature uniformity (multiple zones)
  • Reactive or protective gas mixes dependant on process
  • Atmosphere tight water-cooled cooling chambers
  • Fast cooling chambers (option)
  • Integral loading and unloading system for complete continuous line
  • Advanced process control systems for optimum control of atmosphere

Case Study:

Industry: Automotive

  • Application: Clean annealing of automotive fasteners
  • Maximum temperature: 950°C
  • Heating: High efficiency gas fired radiant tubes
  • Equipment: 1200mm wide belt x 5 zones (12,500mm)
  • Atmosphere: Exothermic gas