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Made in the Midlands, part of the Made in Group, exists to champion and promote UK Manufacturing

This community, along with Made in Yorkshire and Made in London, originated in 2009 as a simple pledge signed by the Managing Director’s of manufacturing firms to do 3 things:

  1. To open a channel of communication within local firms to source and supply locally where possible,
  2. To upskill and reskill workforces, and finally
  3. To promote good news from manufacturing businesses in order to counteract the adversity in the media that ultimately undermines confidence

In partnership with AICHELIN, Austria, we can supply advanced heat treatment systems for a diverse range of industries.

Our partnership with AICHELIN allows us to offer customers the latest heat treatment technology with a focus on low energy costs, environmentally friendly output and high degrees of automation. Products we can offer include pusher tray type continuous furnaces with controlled atmosphere and continuous conveyor belt furnaces. We also work with AICHELIN to supply ring hearth furnaces for continuous carburising and press or oil hardening and continuous roller hearth furnaces and rotary hearth furnaces with controlled atmosphere.

B.M.I (A Tenova Company) The Almor Group partner the French company BMI.

BMI design and manufacture industrial vacuum furnaces for the heat treatment industry. BMI standard vacuum furnaces or BMI custom made furnaces to suit the customer’s specific requirements.


Since the early 1980’s BMI have specialised in manufacturing of industrial vacuum furnaces offering a range of standard furnaces, and the option of designing, implementing and manufacturing custom made furnaces to meet specific requirements of some sectors (aeronautics and automotive industries, medical sector, steel and equipment manufacturers and heat treatment contractors).

Almor are the UK distributor for Lithuanian based company ‘SNOL‘.

SNOL entered the thermal process equipment market in 1960 from a small electric furnace factory in the North-Eastern town of Utena. SNOL today produce over 70 models of Laboratory furnaces and ovens and over 90 models of Industrial furnaces/ovens. In 2004 the company merged with AB Umega group, the largest metal processing company in the Baltic States having more than 700 employees.


As a market leader in the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independence States), SNOL offer Almor a short lead time for the most popular products in their portfolio.

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