Almor Wild Barfield

Almor Wild Barfield has the capability to design, supply and support new furnaces for the thermal processing industry.

We supply both gas-fired and electrically heated batch and continuous furnaces, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. These include specialist controlled atmosphere furnaces.

Almor Wild Barfield can produce furnaces with a high degree of temperature uniformity such as those used in the manufacture of aerospace components to AMS2750 and Automotive to CQi-9.

Almor Wild Barfield is able to offer customers:

  • Batch Gas Carburising
  • Batch Gas Nitriding
  • Sealed Quench
  • Continuous Tube
  • Shaker Hearth Furnaces
  • Continuous Belt Conveyor
  • Batch Air Circulation
  • Batch High Temperature
  • Batch Ovens
  • Custom Designs
  • Endothermic Gas Generators

The Almor Wild Barfield Site

  • Shop floor is 750m² and the 2 storey office area is 110m²
  • Furnace build and assembly
  • Permanent multi skilled electrical and mechanical fitters

Located just off M1, Junction 28

  • Permanent Engineering staff
  • Project Management
  • Mechanical and Electrical design
  • 5 and 3.5 tonne cranes
  • Coded welders and gas safe site engineers

"Almor Wild Barfield's engineers design equipment to meet specific heat treatment process requirements."

Chris Allum (Owner & Managing Director)